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IRP Solutions Company - Grand Opening

IRP Solutions - Round Table Part 1

IRP Solutions - Round Table Part 2

Protest March - 

Sen. Michael Bennet's Office - Denver, CO

Protest March - Free The IRP6

Corrupt Judge - 

Judge Christine Arguello won't release transcripts needed for IRP6 Appeal

IRP6 Children - Making their Voices Heard

Protest March - 

Federal Building in Denver, CO

The Answer to the ISIS Crisis - 

Is the IRP6 CILC Software

* Series of Videos Produced by A Just Cause, Non-profit Organization (

A Just Cause - Episode One

A Just Cause - Episode Four

A Just Cause - Episode Seven

A Just Cause - Episode Two

A Just Cause - Episode Three

A Just Cause - Episode Five

A Just Cause - Episode Six

IRP5 Betrayed by Samuel Keenan Thurman, Gary Walker, and  Joseph (Joe) Thurman 

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