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Black and White Justice - Denver Federal Judge Applies Race-based Standards to Identical Allegations. Black Executives Harshly Imprisoned While White Executives' Case Dismissed - November 18, 2019

Trump and Kushner Asked to Change BOP Policy. Federal Prison Camp in Colorado Accused of Cruelly Applying Furlough Policy - April 26, 2019 

Concealment of Public Court Records Related to Judge's Personal Religious Bias Vacated by 10th Circuit. Concealment of Public Court Records Related to Judge's Personal Religious Bias Vacated by 10th Circuit - February 1, 2019 

Advocacy Group Says Federal Warden in Colorado Continues Discriminatory, Cruel Practices Against Non-Violent Inmates, Failure by Mainstream Media to Report on Justice System Abuses Emboldens Rogue Behavior by Federal Justice Officials - January 2, 2019


BOP Warden Senselessly Cruel to Non-Violent Inmate Grieving Death of His Sister During Holidays, Advocacy Organization Exposes Cruel, Discriminatory Practices by Warden at Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colorado - December 31, 2018

Alleging Religious Bias by Federal Judge & Prosecutor, Church Asks 10th Circuit to Unseal Records.  Church To File Complaint With Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Religious Liberty Task Force - October 15, 2018 

​BOP Using Inmate Financial Responsibility Program as a Racket to Steal Money from Inmate Families.  Florence Federal Prison Camp Administrator Sends Memo to Seize More of Families Money - August 28, 2018 

BOP Continues Its Abuse of Visiting Families of Inmates at Florence Federal Prison Camp.  Intrusive Searches & Elimination of Visiting Days Hurts Innocent Families of Inmates - August 7, 2018

Colorado Case Underscores Why NFL Athletes Should Recommend Pardons to Trump.  Advocacy Organization Asks NFL Players to Join with Famed Federal Judge to Help Free Wrongly-Imprisoned African American Technology Executives - June 22, 2018 

Advocacy Organization Praises Trump's Independent Clemency Evaluation Process.  Obama Says DOJ Conflicted About Pardons & Former Federal Judge Says Institutional Deceit in DOJ Clemency Process - June 12, 2018  

Trump Pardon Sought After White House Email Suggests Obama Disregarded Complaint of DOJ Misconduct by Federal Appeals Judge. Daughters of Wrongly-Imprisoned African-American Executives Say They're Sorry They Ever Voted for Obama - June 6, 2018


Impeachment Sought Against Colorado Federal Judge for Intentionally Violating Federal Laws. Investigation by Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel Exposes Misconduct by Federal Judge Christine Arguello -June 4, 2018

Timeline Released in IRP6 Case Supports Allegations That Mueller's FBI Raided Colorado Company to Steal Software - May 21, 2018  

Was Mueller Aware of Colorado-based FBI Agents Attempt to Steal Innovative Criminal Investigations Software? President Trump Asked to Investigate Malicious Actions of Denver FBI and DOJ Prosecutors and Pardon Wrongly-Imprisoned Tech Execs - May 16, 2018

President Trump Sought for Pardon of Wrongly Convicted African-American Technology Executives Denied Clemency by Obama. Trump May Be the Only One Courageous Enough Stand Against Justice System Misconduct Resulting in Wrongful Conviction - April 30, 2018


Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet Ignores Abuse of Colorado Church and Parishioners by Federal Judge & Prosecutor. Hundreds of Hurting Constituents Organizing to Build Large Statewide Grassroots Juggernaut to Unseat Senator Bennet - April 12, 2018

Constituents Allege the Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet Said Minorities Are Not His Constituents. Coloradans Abused by Federal Justice System Seek Support from Out-of-State Congressmen After Being Rejected by Senator Bennet - April 4, 2018

Trump's Motives Questioned but Evidence Shows DOJ Corruption Is a National Problem. FBI & DOJ Abuses in Colorado and California Cases Indicate Corruption is Common but Unreported Problem, Says Advocacy Group - February 6, 2018

10th Circuit Judges & Harvey Weinstein Have Much in Common, Says Advocacy Group. Advocacy Group Vows to Fight Against Reelection of Select U.S. Congressmen in Colorado. Colorado Congressmen Failing to Deal with Government Abuse of Coloradans, Alleges A Just Cause - January 18, 2018

Dossier Alleges Scathing Misconduct by Colorado U.S. Attorney's Office & Federal Judges.  Dossier Sent to DOJ Headquarters and Members of Congress Seeking Dismissal of Indictment in IRP6 Case -  September 22, 2017 

Purpose of Judicial Complaint Against Judge Christine Arguello, Case #09-CR-00266-CMA. July 31, 2017


Colorado Federal Judge Accused of Slandering Colorado Springs Pastor, Church and Religion from the Bench, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause. Outrage Ensues from Government & Federal Judge Christine M. Arguello's Public Attacks on Pastor Rose Banks of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church - July 5, 2017


Maligned Denver Federal Judge Shortens IRP6 Defendant's Sentence Based on Fantastic Lies. IRP6 Defendant Gary Walker Feigns Guilt-Based by Promoting He Was Under the Spell of His Mother-in-Law/Pastor and Wife - July 3, 2017


Colorado Defendants Discuss Their Decision to Represent Themselves in Federal Criminal Case. Six Codefendants Fired Their Six Court-Appointed Attorneys on Same Day for Lying - June 12, 2017

Congress Asked to Investigate Complaint Against Four Colorado Federal Judges. 10th Circuit Refuses to Answer Complaint Alleging Judicial Misconduct That Caused Wrongful Conviction - June 1, 2017

Defunding Camps Will Help Solve Crisis at Federal Bureau of Prisons, Says a Just Cause. Petty Policing at Federal Prison Camps by BOP Costing Taxpayers Billions & Endangering Public - May 11, 2017   


Los Angeles County Sheriff Officials & IRP6 Are Victims of Similar Prosecutorial Abuses, Says a Just Cause. Federal Judges Gave Prosecutors Leeway to Obtain Convictions by Devious Means - May 11, 2017  


House Judiciary Committee and Trump Asked to Close Wasteful Federal Prison Camps. Tax Dollars for Federal Prison Camps Are Extension of Welfare System - March 17, 2017   


Government Witnesses Expose IRP6 Indictment as a Fraud but Federal Judge Refused to Dismiss. Transcript Excerpts Posted Online Show Government's Witnesses Disproved Prosecutor's Claims of Fraud - March 15, 2017 


Colorado Federal Judges Worthy of Trump, Gorsuch and Media Criticism. Gorsuch Opinion Proves His 10th Circuit Peers Disregarded Law and Constitution - February 13, 2017 


Attorney Seeks Grand Jury Materials for Alleged Misconduct by Denver Federal Prosecutor. Court Records Show Prosecutor Vindictively Pursued Second Grand Jury in IRP6 Case, Says A Just Cause - February 1, 2017   

Obama Receives Last Minute Clemency Letters on Facebook from Wrongly Convicted IRP6 DefendantsWill President Obama Show Same Mercy Given to Drug Offenders for African-American Tech Execs Who Supported Law Enforcement? Asks A Just Cause - January 13, 2017    


Famed Federal Appeals Judge Challenges Constitutional Violations Committed by Denver Federal Judge, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause - December 23, 2016


Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennett Asked To Join With Federal Judge To Support Clemency For Constituents. A Just Cause Releases Irrefutable Evidence From Court Records That Supports Judge's Clemency Request - September 8, 2016


Senior BOP Officials Bully Families at Florence Federal Prison Camp, Says Advocacy Group, a Just Cause July 25, 2016


Marginalizing African-American Feelings of Injustice Breeds Deeper Distrust, Says a Just Cause. 

July 19, 2016 - Victimized Wives & Children of IRP6 Speak About The Uncaring American Justice System. Says A Just Cause. 


Is Colorado Media Racist or Just Covering for the Government?

July 12, 2016 - Asks Advocacy Group A Just Cause. Colorado Media Still Ignores IRP6 Case After Washington Post Publishes Article On Miscarriage Of Justice, Says A Just Cause. 


CILC Software Available Now to Track ISIS Sleeper Cells That Threaten the Homeland. 

June 30, 2016 - Constitutional Neglect Weakens America's Fight against ISIS, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause. 


Judiciary Committee Heavyweights Question DOJ About Prosecutorial Misconduct.  June 24, 2016 


Alleged Criminals Recruit Denver FBI Agents to Work for Them, Really? 

June 2, 2016 - Federal Prosecutor Disregarded Evidence That Defendants Were Not Involved in Any Criminal Activity. 


Colorado Defendants Deserve the Same Justice Given to a U.S. Senator. 

May 18, 2016 - A Just Cause Asks Attorney General Lynch to Dismiss IRP6 Indictment for Intentional Discovery Violations. 


Grand Jury Witnesses Discuss Prosecutor's Secret Attack on Their Church

May 5, 2016 - Colorado Federal Prosecutor Secretly Targeted Church in White Collar Case, Says A Just Cause. 


Judicial Complaint Filed Against Colorado Federal Judges

May 5, 2016 - Complaint Presents Evidence of Collusion Between Government & Courts. 

Colorado Justice Officials Wrongly-Imprisoned Sister of IRP6 Defendant, According to A Just Cause.

April 11, 2016 - Lawanna Clark Sentenced to Six Months By Judge Arguello In Light of Actual Innocence  


Full Court Press on Federal Justice Officials in Colorado. 

April 1, 2016 - Prosecutors and Judges Could Not Withstand Judiciary Committee Investigation, Says A Just Cause


A Just Cause Asks Why 10th Circuit Appellate Court Upheld IRP6 Conviction With Constitutional Rights Being Violated? 

February 16, 2016 - Critical Portion of Transcript Detailing 5th Amendment Violation Missing and Ignored: A Just Cause Asks for Answers From the DOJ and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals 


Federal Judge Christine Arguello Demonstrates Sentencing Disparities in Public Record Documents in Dr. Sam Jahani Case, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause

February 11, 2016 - Judge Sentences Dr. Jahani to Six Months in Prison in a Conspiracy Case Involving Health Care Fraud and the Deaths of Four Patients, According to Daily Sentinel Article by Charles Ashby 


Judge Appeals IRP6 Case to Obama for Clemency

February 1, 2016 - Former Hurricane Carter Judge Asks Obama to Free African-American and Italian American Tech Execs, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause


Did Federal Judge Christine Arguello and Federal Prosecutors John Walsh and Matthew Kirsch Throw out the Constitution to Wrongfully Convict The IRP6? Ask Advocacy Group A Just Cause

January 04, 2016 - A Just Cause Urges DOJ and Congressional Leaders on the Judiciary Committee to Start an Immediate Investigation Into the Violation of Due Process in Wrongfully Convicted IRP6


The Big Question Has Yet To Be Answered... How Do We Stop ISIS and Other Terrorist Attacks on America?

December 8, 2015 - A Just Cause ponders why Department of Homeland Security and America's leaders won't consider the critical IRP6 Software that can keep America safe from eminent ISIS attack. 


Inslaw Prosecutor's Management Information System (PROMIS) Versus IRP6 Case Investigative Life Cycle (CILC) Software: 30 Years Later The Corruption and the Cover-Up Continues, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause - November 30, 2015


As ISIS Threatens the Homeland, Targeting Washington D.C. and New York City, Our Children Stand at Risk as the IRP6 and Their CILC(C) Software to Stop an ISIS or Other Terrorists Attacks Go Ignored, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause - November 23, 2015 


A Just Cause Questions Why Former Attorney General Eric Holder Continued to Promote US Attorney John Walsh Amidst Serious Allegations of Corruption, Racial Bias and Violations of Constitutional Law with the IRP6 Wrongful Convictions

November 13, 2015 - A Just Cause Ponders the Timing and Motive of John Walsh's Meteoric Rise Under Former Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Are the Actions of US Attorney John Walsh Hypocritical as His Office Ignored Federal Laws to Wrongfully Convict the IRP6, Questions Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

November 4, 2015 - A Just Cause Is Baffled by John Walsh's Talk on Criminal Justice Reform and Race at the White House While His Actions in the IRP6 Case at Home in Colorado Suggests Hypocrisy. 


A Just Cause Questions Why Judge Christine Arguello and Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Kirsch Fought So Intensely to Keep Intent out of the IRP6 Case

October 23, 2015 - A Just Cause Contends that Clarifying Intent in Jury Instructions and Allowing Evidence About IRP6 Business and Software Product Would Have Resulted in a Not Guilty Verdict and Dismissal of the Case. 


Part II: A Just Cause Continues To Question the Integrity of Justice and Due Process of the Appellate Court of the Tenth Circuit in the IRP6 Case

October 22, 2015 - A Just Cause Contends That Appellate Court Conspired With the Lower Court to Violate Due Process and Civil Rights of Wrongly Convicted IRP6. 


A Just Cause Questions the Integrity of Justice and Due Process of the Appellate Court of the Tenth Circuit in the IRP6 Case

October 21, 2015 - A Just Cause Contends That Appellate Court Conspired With the Lower Court to Violate Due Process and Civil Rights of Wrongly Convicted IRP6. 


Denver US Attorney Matthew Kirsch and FBI Agent John Smith Defy Court Order, Refusing to Return Property Seized in FBI Raid of IRP Solutions Over Ten Years Ago, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

October 20, 2015 - A Just Cause Urges an Investigation Into the Violation of the Court Order to Return Property, Illegal Search and Seizure and the Many Unanswered Questions of the IRP6 Case. 


Former Legal Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee Confirms IRP6 Case Not Criminal, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

October 14, 2015 - A Just Cause Radio Interviews Ron LeGrand, Former Legal Counsel to House Judiciary Committee. 


Entrepreneurial Thinking Was Used as a Sword to Convict Software Innovators in Colorado

October 1, 2015 - Federal Prosecutor Spun IRP6's Enthusiasm About Business Prospects Into Criminal Fraud, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause.


National Advocates for Justice Question Probable Cause in IRP6 Wrongful Conviction Case

August 26, 2015 - Legal Professionals Agree That There Was No Probable Cause to Investigate and Prosecute the IRP6.  


Judges Continually Use Bad Law as an Excuse to Send the Innocent to Prison, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

August 25, 2015 - A Just Cause Questions Why IRP6 Prosecutors and Judges Allowed the Innocent to Go to Prison.  


Recent Supreme Court Rulings Sends Message to IRP6 Prosecutor's Broad Interpretation of the Law, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause
August 20, 2015 - A Just Cause Questions Why Federal Prosecutors in IRP6 Used Overly-Broad Interpretation of Law to Criminalize IRP Solutions Corporation's Debt. 

The Same Prosecutorial Ruse Used in the IRP6 Case Is Challenged by Former Justice Department Executives Before the Supreme Court, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

August 13, 2015 - Prosecutor's Concealment of Transcript Takes Center Stage as Ex-Justice Department Dream Team Files Supreme Court Brief Against Their Colleagues' Misconduct. 


IRP Solutions Executives Fit Well Into Obama's Tech Insurgency, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

July 28, 2015 - The Case Investigative Life Cycle (CILC) Software Developed by IRP6 Followed President Obama's Approach to Solving Washington's Technology Woes.  


DHS, FBI Urged to Use CILC Software to Target and Track Lone Wolf Terrorists in United States, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

July 17, 2015 - Advocacy Group, A Just Cause Says Six IT Executives Sit in Federal Prison Who Developed Software to Maximize Surveillance Efforts Against Terror Suspects in the United States.  


Software Designed By IRP Solutions' IRP6 Fits President Obama's Anti-ISIL Strategy, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

July 9, 2015 - Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, Encourages DoD and Homeland Security to Take a Look at the Case Investigative Lifecycle Software (CILC); Group Says CILC is the Answer to ISIS Threat at Home and Abroad. 


Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, Seeks Investigation in IRP6 Case; Questions of Misconduct Leading to Invalid Prosecution and Conviction

June 30, 2015 - Serious Inconsistencies Generate Questions About How the IRP6 Case Made It to Trial and Led to a Gross Injustice, Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause. 


CILC Software by IRP Solutions Can Ease Denver Sheriff Department Woes, Reports Advocacy Group A Just Cause

June 24, 2015 - The Case Investigative Lifecycle (CILC) Software Developed by IRP6 Addresses Concerns Raised During Recent Denver Sheriff Department Audit. 


The Answer to the ISIS Crisis and Homegrown Terrorists Lies in Software That Is Now for Sale by IRP Solutions Corporation (IRP6), Reports Advocacy Group A Just Cause

June 5, 2015 - Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, Reports That the Case Investigative Lifecycle (CILC) Software That Is Critical to Our Nation's Safety and National Security has Been Made Available for Sale by the Company's Executives Who Are Currently Wrongly Incarcerated.   


The Answer to the FBI's Struggle With Homegrown ISIS Supporters Is Sitting in Federal Prison in Florence Colorado, Says Advocacy Group, a Just Cause

June 1, 2015 - Advocacy Group, A Just Cause says Six IT Executives Sit In Federal Prison Who Developed Software to Maximize Surveillance Efforts Against Terror Suspects in the United States. 


BREAKING NEWS: Advocacy Group, A Just Cause Gets Support From Retired Federal Judge for Wrongly Convicted IRP6 Executives

May 29, 2015 - Retired Federal Judge Speaks Out Against the Wrongful Conviction of the IRP6; IT Execs Who Have Software to Stop ISIS and Keep America Safe for Our Children and Grandchildren.   


Advocacy Group A Just Cause Has Appealed to the California Bar Alleging That Attorney Mark Geragos Violated Rules of Professional Conduct

May 12, 2015 - Attorney Mark Geragos Allegedly Accepted Fees of $100,000 Fraudulently Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause. 


Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, Requests Federal Inquiry Into Missing Court Transcripts in IRP6 Case
April 16, 2015 - A Just Cause Seeks to Reopen Investigation of Federal Court Reporter Involved in Missing Transcript in the IRP6 Case. 


Federal Grand Jury Reform Is a Top Initiative for Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

April 9, 2015 - A Just Cause Argues Basis for Expanding Grand Jury Reform Is Demonstrated in IRP6 Case Where There Are Questions of Religious Rights Infringement Against a Colorado Church. 


Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, Questions Judicial Discretion in the Case of Former New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez, and Draws Parallels to the IRP6 Case

February 10, 2015 - A Just Cause Questions if Violations to Code of Conduct for United States Judges Occurred and Backs Curbing the Power of the Judiciary and an End to Judicial Immunity. 


Appellant Attorney Gwendolyn Solomon Disagrees with Ruling Against IRP6 on Issues of 200 Pages of Transcript Being Withheld and Fifth Amendment Right

August 15, 2014 -- Amid over 200 pages of court transcript being omitted by the district court, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the IRP6. Advocacy group, A Just Cause, reviews and asks why?


Appellant Attorney Gwendolyn Solomon Uncovers Verbatim Opinion from Completely Different Four Year Old Case in Ruling Against IRP6

August 12, 2014 -- Despite identical written opinions, the outcome of both cases is the opposite. A Just Cause asks why?


Decision By Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Raises More Questions Than Answers In The IRP6 Case Regarding 200 Pages of Missing Transcript, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause

August 05, 2014 -- Advocacy group, A Just Cause, seeks broader federal investigation into operations of federal courts in Denver surrounding the handling of the IRP6 Case


9/11 Commission Issues Update 10 Years Later: America Still Not Safe; Advocacy Group Says Execs Who Have Been In Prison for Two Years Hold the Key to U.S. Homeland Security

July 29, 2014 -- Bipartisan Policy Center Anniversary Report about 9/11 adds fuel to the fire for advocacy group, A Just Cause, to push for freedom of the IRP6


Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, Meets With Congressmen On Capitol Hill About IRP6 Case; Shares How IRP Software Will Help Fight Terrorism and Keep America Safe

July 22, 2014 -- Advocacy group calls on Congress to get jailed executives (IRP6) out of prison so they can provide law enforcement software to agencies to help fight against terrorism on the homeland.


Handling of Federal Court Motions and Orders in Denver Criminal Case Adds to Advocacy Group’s Curiosity in The IRP6 Case and Results in Push for New Legislation

July 10, 2014 -- Advocacy group, A Just Cause, continues to ponder rationale for delay in the federal criminal appellate case of the IRP6 in light of "new" evidence.


Four Motions For Bond Pending Appeal Only Signed By Clerk Of the Court Returned Denied; Raises Questions If Received or Reviewed By Federal Appellate Judges

July 03, 2014 -- Advocacy group, A Just Cause, asks federal government to open investigation into operations of Clerk of the Court for the Tenth Circuit Court Appeals


Wilmington Ten, Dr. Benjamin Chavis and Wayne Moore, On Justice In America and the IRP6 Case

June 12, 2014 -- Dr. Benjamin Chavis and Wayne Moore of the Wilmington Ten appear on A Just Cause Coast to Coast radio show; share thoughts on judicial reform, civil rights leadership, and IRP6


Why Is Appeal In Colorado Federal Criminal Case Taking So Long, Asks Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

June 03, 2014 -- Federal Appeal involving six Colorado businessmen is one of the longest cases under appeal in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals


Retired Federal Judge Speaks Out About Colorado Case Involving Over 200 “Missing” Pages of Court Transcript

May 21, 2014 -- Retired Federal Appellate Judge H. Lee Sarokin says Court of Appeals has enough evidence to conclude that the IRP6 rights were “indeed” violated and the court should “either reverse and remand for new trial or dismiss”


Why Are Six Executives Still In Federal Prison While Courts Haggle Over Missing 200 Pages of Court Transcript, Asks Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

May 15, 2014 -- Why is there no decision yet in IRP6 case with over 200 pages of court transcript missing, while six men sit in prison for two years awaiting appellate decision amid federal judge’s admission of withholding the transcript?



Retired Federal Appellate Judge Ponders “The Case of the Missing Transcript” on Huffington Post; A Colorado Federal Criminal Case Involving Six Jailed Executives

May 06, 2014 -- Retired Federal Judge H. Lee Sarokin refers to missing transcript in the IRP6 case as “strange mystery”


Office of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) Garners Support from Advocacy Group, A Just Cause, for passage of Justice for All Reauthorization Act (JFAA)

May 01, 2014 -- A Just Cause encourages it’s volunteers, supporters and affiliate organizations to support passage of the Justice for All Reauthorization Act (JFAA)
A Just Cause Questions Validity of Verdict In Light of Inconsistent Witness Testimony
July 18, 2013 - How can a jury return a guilty verdict when government witness testimony is flawed, Questions A Just Cause in Newly Released Case Study
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