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My Psalm to God

Lord God, the mighty and the terrible, arise for your servants plead for justice.

You are full of compassion and great mercy and are the only one who can deliver us from this high-minded wickedness

For we suffer at the hands of wicked men who openly defy your righteous sovereignty.

They have hidden justice and conspired to do this great wickedness in sight of the Lord.

They snub their nose at your commandments and show no respect to the power of the almighty.

They have locked us away and we cannot go to your house.

Drink from the fountain of tears of your elect and taste our pain and suffering, Oh Lord.

Feel for us, Oh Lord! and show pity to our plight!

Remember your servant Rose, my mother, Oh God! For she has been faithful, upright and ordered her house after you.

Remember her faith and how it has pleased you.

Remember Rose's lamentations and let them ignite your fury.

For these wicked men oppress us continually.

Save us Oh Lord! Release us to your house and strangle them with their own evil devices.

For these evil men mock you and your righteousness.

They oppress the poor and crush the needy.

Forsake not your anger for they have shed innocent blood.

Let your justice stir like a violent tornado and tear a path of destruction through the lives of these wicked men.

Have they not revolted against your righteousness long enough?

Let calamity swallow them up and show no pity.

Remember us Oh God, for you are righteous and justice flows through your veins.

Remember your servant Lawanna, my sister, Oh God!

Remember her tears, prayers and continuing supplication.

Remember how these wicked men conspired to spill her innocent blood.


Let the fiery and terrible justice of the almighty rain on them, Oh God.

Please don't wait, avenge us now, Oh God!

Remember your servant Neese, my sister, Oh Lord. Honor her cries for help.

Inhale God! Inhale the sweet odor of fasting and sacrifice and remember us!

Arise, Oh God, please awaken, stir yourself according to the multitude of your mercies.

Deliver us now out of the hands of this horrible enemy.


We will forever praise you for your mighty works, Selah!

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